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With 59 outlets the Shop Rite/Tobacco Plus group is Southern Louisiana’s largest convenience store chain. Obviously therefore the majority of our employees started their Shop Rite careers as sales assistants. That’s not where many have ended up though. The next step in a career path at Shop Rite is often a move to supervisor and then to store manager.

Instead of taking that path other Shop Rite employees have chosen to work at head office in stock control, ordering or accounts payable. And with our new direction that will see MoneySpot micro lending centers established in all Shop Rite stores by the end of 2009, there are now a number of new career paths at Shop Rite. We now have requirements for loans officers, collection officers, and managers.

We encourage our employees to get outside training in suitable disciplines and will support any initiative in that direction.

No matter who we employ though, we look for, and insist each employee has the right attitude. We believe that character traits like determination and a positive approach to work are not taught in the workplace. Those are traits best learned in the home so we firstly seek employees with a “Shop Rite attitude.”

We seek people who can support the principles set out in the mission statement for the new lending centers:

Shop Rite/MoneySpot Mission Statement

To create America's finest micro-lending centers that will meet the immediate financial needs of our clients.

To be the premiere provider of short-term financial services in the communities we serve here in Southern Louisiana. We will also establish a name as the industry leader for customer satisfaction. As our reputation for excellence is established at the Shop Rite stores here in LA, we will take this vision to other parts of our country.

Mission Statement:
The first step in this mission is to train the ultimate team, starting with our leaders. They in turn will instill principles, and give guidelines, that will enable our loan officers to provide our customers with the ultimate lending experience. To achieve our goals we will couple the speed of Internet processing and the benefits of unequalled face-to-face service, that will surpass even the expectations of our customers

MoneySpot clients will be given lower rates, respect and a timely ethical service.

We will all work to foster the long-term relationships necessary to make MoneySpot/Shop Rite a great Company, built by great people to serve the short-term financial needs of our community.

•Customer Satisfaction
•Fast service, minimum wait times
•Ethical and honest practices
•Lower rates that give our customers the advantage
•Convenience and service in pleasant surroundings